17 April 2009
  on dvd: the reader
the reader is one of those movies that has really grown on me. the first time i saw it, i thought it was a fine movie, but not necessarily extraordinary. but then when i watched it again, knowing the twist from the beginning, i definitely felt like i could appreciate it more, especially the really nuanced performances of kate winslet and ralph fiennes. it definitely wouldn't have been the same film without the deeply, disturbingly sympathetic performance that kate winslet gives here. still, it is a little depressing that kate won her oscar for this role. in fact, i don't even think it was among her four career bests. those would be:

#4. Sylvia Davies in Finding Neverland
#3. Sarah Pierce in Little Children
#2. April Wheeler in Revolutionary Road
#1. Rose Dewitt Bukater in Titanic

I guess I would put her performance in the reader in the fifth spot. in any case, i can't help but be amused by the old clip of kate from ricky gervais' extras that i posted above. i hope that her oscar win isn't forever accompanied by an asterisk reading "this oscar obligatorily awarded for perfomance in holocaust film"
16 April 2009
  trailer: rudo y cursi
rudo y cursi is supposed to be out in limited release on may 8. hopefully it will be in dc then or at least soon after, but i've been waiting for this one for at least a year now, so i am not holding my breath. it has been like forever since gael had his last starring role in a movie (i think the last one was science of sleep). i've enjoyed some of his supporting stuff, like babel and blindness, but i am definitely looking forward to this one, which seems more mexican and thus more in the vein of his best work. check out the trailer here.
15 April 2009
  antichrist trailer!!!!!
i've been looking at the imdb page pretty much every week waiting for the trailer to the new lars von trier film. and awards daily finally posted it this morning. maybe i'm still just excited that i finally got to see a little bit of the film, but this trailer looks absolutely amazing. it literally gave me chills. i can't wait to see this movie (if it's ever released in the u.s., which is always in question when it comes to lars von trier's work). check it out here.
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