24 May 2009
  congrats charlotte gainsbourg

after all the drama surrounding lars von trier's antichrist this week at cannes, charlotte gainsbourg was announced as the winner of the best actress prize today. so far i've been disappointed by two big movies i was looking forward to this year, angels & demons and earth, but i am getting more and more excited about antichrist every day. any movie that is able to piss people off this much has to be worth seeing. maybe this will be the movie that will finally get von trier some (limited) mass appeal. right now it seems only die hard fans follow his work, but it is only a matter of time til he makes a movie that is seen in the u.s. by more than 40 ot 50 people. if you haven't heard about the movie and why people detested it so vehemently when it first screened this week, check out this post at awards daily. as one would expect from von trier, it sounds like antichrist is going to be really difficult to watch, but i am sure it will be brilliant. and now that gainsbourg has won this prize, i think it gives the film a little needed caché. i mean, despite the vitriol being spewed at it, if the acting is this good, how bad could it be? check out complete list of cannes award winners here.
18 May 2009
  this could be the worst trailer i have ever seen.

remember when michael bay made that film version of wuthering heights with the cyborg heathcliff and the bloodthirsty ghost of linden feasting on catherine's blood? and remember joe eszterhas' all lesbian great expectations set in the brothels of victorian london? oh wait, those don't exist. but thankfully we do have guy ritchie's new sherlock holmes. to say arthur conan doyle is rolling in his grave would be an unnecessary cliche, but i do believe that this could go down in history as the single most egregious filmic interpretation of beloved literature ever, as well as one of the most inaccurate portrayals of a particular period of history that have ever been depicted in a movie. in short, guy ritchie is an utterly untalented hack that in no way deserves to have a role in the film industry outside of maybe gay porn boom mic operator. watch the trailer only if you are in the mood to feel nauseous.

p.s. what's up with that explosion at the end? is that an outtake from the new terminator movie, or is this one of those good old fashioned victorian missile attacks i've heard so much about?
15 May 2009
  it's angels & demons day!

[replace rex manning w/ angels & demons]

the day we've been anticipating for years is finally here. angels & fuckin demons y'all! my post-show thoughts are forthcoming.
oh. my. gawd. if this is for real, it is absolutely the best em-effing thing you will hear all day. from imdb:

--Hopkings to feast as Hannibal again--

"Anthony Hopkins is teaming up with director Sir Ridley Scott to bring his most infamous villain Hannibal Lecter back to the big screen.

The actor will reprise his cannibalistic serial killer for the fourth time in a second sequel to the 1991 hit film The Silence of the Lambs, for which he won a Best Actor Oscar.

Hopkins also appeared in 2001's Hannibal before starring in the 2002 prequel Red Dragon.

And actress Cate Blanchett has been tipped to take over the role of Clarice Starling after Jodie Foster pulled out to direct Claire Danes in the forthcoming Flora Plum.

A spokesperson for film-makers Universal says, "Hopkins and Scott are both very committed. We like what we've got, and the revised script is really, really good."

not only is anthony hopkins reprising his role as hannibal lector, BUT cate blanchett is playing clarice starling?!? if this is true i will fucking melt into the carpet. please be for real!
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