19 January 2006
  drop dead gorgeous
so john and i's entire relationship is built on a foundation that is the film drop dead gorgeous. well that might be a little overdramatic, but it is a good movie. on our second date we were going to hang out in john's apartment and watch a movie and we discovered our mutual love for mockumentaries. we watched drop dead gorgeous and have been together ever since. a coincidence? i think not.

if you haven't seen it yet, ddg is an absolutely hilarious mockumentary about a series of beauty pageants gone awry. denise richards and kirsten dunst are rivals in the sarah rose cosmetics beauty pageant in mount rose minnesota (former home of the world's oldest living lutheran). denise richards' mom kirstie alley starts killing all of the contestants and hillarity ensues.

john posted a screenshot of the funniest scene from the movie in the banner above. it is definitely hard to single out one scene as the funniest, but denise richards' performance in the talent show is one of my favorite scenes from a movie ever. after she sings a duet with a crucified jesus, her mom (the emcee) goes, "i wouldn't want to follow that act. voice of angel that one." it makes me pee myself a little.

anyways, if you haven't seen it yet you absolutely must go to wherever video tapes are sold or rented and buy (or rent) it right now. it is a delight. jeje. if you enjoy lutefisk, duck hunting, lutherans, bars and/or the howard johnson hotel chain, you will enjoy this.
I think the best part of this movie is the asian cowboy family with the american girl....tho instead of eating pudding they had that kasyguri jello stuff like japanese people eat because it is vegetarian :)
haha country western! i like her talent portion of the show too when she line dances with cap guns. too much. she is probably my least favorite character though. i think the miss america pageant is on this weekend. i would totally watch it if they showed the talent competition, but they don't. i would love to make fun of the bitches. but all they do is walk around in their underwear or some crap. blech.
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