21 January 2006
"god loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to let you stay that way"

so john and i rented junebug the other day and it was really kind of cute, and not in a vacuous way either. i have been wanting to see it ever since i saw the trailer, but i never got around to it. it just came out on video this week, so y'all should go rent it.

it is sort of like that reese witherspoon movie sweet home alabama, but good. it is about a newly married woman who goes on a business trip to her husband's hometown and meets his family. every single person in this movie is totally psychotic, and the funny thing is that the movie never explains why they are all nuts. it just accepts it. it is funny but not too funny and sad but not too sad. it is just honest. i like honest movies. (you know, like showgirls).

i guess the star, amy adams is going to be nominated for an oscar for best supporting actress. she is definitely the best thing about the movie, and the only member of the family that you don't want to smother to death with a pillow. amy adams, ironically enough, is the actress who plays the slutty cheerleader leslie ann miller in drop dead gorgeous ("i got second runner up! i'm in second place!")

anyways, it wasn't my favorite movie of the year or anything, but since this year was a really terrible one for movies in general, it is up there.

and by the way, megan was writing in her livejournal about her penchant for imdb. i didn't know other people were obsessed with it like john and i are. outside of my email, it is probably the website i spend the most time playing on. if you don't know about imdb, john and i put a link for it on the blog. it is so much fun! and it makes playing six degrees of kevin bacon a snap.
Oh god...I am so obsessed with it....and the thing is I am crap at names so i really hate the people who refuse to submit a photo. Like you can't afford a photo on imdb? And it's not like it's the poor unknowns who don't have pictures because the really obscure folk do...likely so people will recognize them when they click onto imdb.

No I am so obsessed with it and now it's going from not only actors but writers and directors too. I used to not really care who directed movies but now I'm much more likely to see something because a good director did it than it has some actor I enjoy.

Also I just saw A mighty wind.... I tivoed it foreverago. I hate folk music SO MUCH but that was hillarious. Not better than Best In Show or anything but it was hillarious. Big Eyebrow Guy is the shit. My question is How on earth did they convince him to do Band Camp?

Honestly....one of THE worst movies I have ever seen. Ranks right up there with feeling minesota and closer.
just like that Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama, but good

don't get me wrong, reese witherspoon is an absolute goddess and i love her in just about everything, especially election and pleasantville. she is great in walk the line too. but sweet home alabama was so sucktastic. she should have forgotten it and made cruel intentions two or something. junebug has the same sort of setup but it isn't obvious how it is going to end from the first 10 minutes. i mean really, like she was going to choose the rich pretentious ivy league guy over the lovable country hick guy. no chance:)
ooh, about Cruel Intentions, explain to me how since Sebastian dies in the first one, they can make 2 more Cruel Intention movies with the same damn characters in it???


and you'd better love Reese Witherspoon!
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