23 January 2006
Of course, as Luke previously said, our favourite movie is definitely Drop Dead Gorgeous, but the most oft-watched and discussed movie in the Witman-Gardner household is, without a doubt, Showgirls.

One my most favoritest film-going experiences was seeing Showgirls at The Loft in Tucson with some of our friends. The movie was, at the time of release, most likely supposed to be Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas' vision of how women really act. The end result has turned into a campy flick full of quotables. This film has also fostered a love and appreciation for all things Gina Gershon.

In celebration of week two of Men On Film, everyone needs to go out and rent Showgirls and watch it. Watching it on television does not count, because they edit out the brestisses with strange, cartoony, painted on couture.

Continue following the blog for more discussion on Showgirls, coming soon... (We even changed our banner lol)
watching showgirls at the loft was definitely the best time i have ever had in a movie theater. watching nomi thrash around in the swimming pool, apparently harpooned by zach's enormous manmeat, on a big screen was absolutely priceless. it made me a little aroused. (not really).
i have only ever seen it with the cartoon bras. This was before I had my glasses and I just had contacts. Cuz of my allergies I always tried not to wear them that much so late at night I was never wearing them. [seriously no matter how bad my vision gets around the house, as long as I'm not watching tv everything seems clear because I know what it looks like] Anyways there were all the cartoon bras and I was thinking to my self shit...this is not that bad at all why did it get an X rating? it was only towards the end when Jessie moved and her bra did not that I realized....oh....

So I've never actually seen it without the cartoon bras and it is on right now [with bras I'm sure] but I'm watching Smoke Signals instead. Never saw the begining of that movie before so I'm seeing it now.
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