19 January 2006
  Team America: World Police
For someone who 1) enjoys Trey Parker and Matt Stone projects, 2) thinks that the Yanqui's "War on Terrorism (TM) (R) (C)" is silly and 3) thinks that Kim Jong Il looks so "sirry" in his little track suit; I was relatively late to see this movie but I am glad that I did.

For anyone living under a rock for the last couple of years, Team America: World Police is a movie that shows how silly our little war really is. Gary Johnston is a Broadway actor, currently appearing in the hit musical "Lease" (everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS!). His acting talents are needed when Team America wants to infiltrate the terrorists of Dirkadirkastan, who are in cahoots with Kim Jong Il. Gary struggles with taking on the burden of national security, all while trying to deal with the loss of a brother in a nasty blueberry-eating gorilla accident.

Anyone who is familiar with the Parker and Stone works in the past know that there has to be something in this movie poking fun at celebrities. Alec Baldwin, head of the Film Actors Guild (or FAG) brings his fellow peace-heads Helen Hunt, Samuel L Jackson, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Jeanane Garofolo together, and ends up helping the dirkadirkas.

I kinda figured from the get go that Luke wouldn't like this movie. Luke will admit his taste usually moves towards independant films about women dying of ovarian cancer or an out-of-control addiction. There were several scenes that did arouse laughter from him, and at the end he admitted it was funnier than he originally thought it was going to be.

I personally really enjoyed the movie. If you like South Park, or other greats like Orgazmo, and are familiar with the humour of Parker and Stone, then you will enjoy this movie.
I did love the movie as well

this is deanna by the way...

everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS!!!

ha ha ha

...and everyone died from aids...
well it wasn't terrible. i only watched a glimpse of it, but i do enjoy puppetry. but what this movie really made me think about is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SOUTH PARK? i miss back when it used to be funny. obviously these people have a sense of humor. maybe south park would be funnier if everyone just got aids. i dunno
Tho I adored Everyone Has Aids! Aids! Aids! Aids! and the fact that the puppet looked a lot like Trey Ellett my fave mark cohen i fell asleep in this movie. I love supermarionation and also everything else trey and matt did but...it was kind of boring.

Also the montage song, also good, is stolen from southpark when they fed butters lots of shitty wok and then tried to give him lipo.
once again, although i didn't watch the whole thing, my favorite part was when the girl told gary that she should could only be with him if he promised never to die. and then he did. if i were a puppet i would probably bang him. as far as puppets go he was pretty hot.
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