29 January 2006
  vh1's movies that rock: showgirls
so anyways, showgirls was on vh1 the other day so john and i watched a few minutes of it. it is on vh1 like every week it seems, so you should check it out. john is going to take a clip from it and post it next time it is on now that we have so much technology going on over here.

the tv version is effing hilarious and in an entirely different way than the dvd one. first of all you have the animated bikinis that all the naked girls wear. it is vaguely reminiscent of who framed roger rabbit and watching men ogle jessica rabbit. you can take your eyes off these painted on little costumes that the girls wear.

but it is also funny how they dub over half the dialogue with even more terrible writing performed by (is it possible?) even more terrible actors. it reminds me so much of watching like an episode of cheers in mexico and how all the characters are voiced by one sexy sounding woman actress and one very macho sounding male actor. and for some reason they try to rhyme all of the dialogue with the dubbed version, so like the line "i liked it when you came" becomes "i liked your little game." i think you could make a fun drinking game out of the tv version.

but also, and i can't believe i am going to defend showgirls' premise, but, if there is one, it has to do with the love/hate mentor/protege pseudo-lesbianic relationship between nomi and crystal. in the movie they cut any sign of this out, and i am like WHAT IS THE EFFING POINT HERE??? like when crystal calls nomi a whore, that is gone. and the lesbian kiss at the end is gone. so basically we have a movie about a woman who goes to las vegas and gets a job *hurrah* there is no conflict.

still, it cracks me up how even watching the edited tv version with painted on bikinis and cleaned up dialogue, it is still like the dirtiest movie i have ever seen. every single scene you are looking down someones cleavage or at their ass.

anyways, if you HAVE seen the real one check out the edited version, but if you haven't seen the nc17 one you have to see it first of course.

okay, i am done talking about showgirls for now. we will start discussing a new movie of the week tomorrow or sometime soon so stay tuned bitches.
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