18 February 2006
  saw and saw ii

so anyways, valentine's day was nice. john surprised me with a really pretty bouquet of purple tulips. and we had a really romantic night. what did we do you ask? we brought saw ii on dvd and watched it at home.

alright so maybe you are thinking that saw ii doesn't sound like a great date movie. well you would be wrong. there are a lot of valentine's day-related elements. there are hearts (even though they are disemboweled), a plush novelty toy (even though he is a psychotic monster), jewelry (if a death mask can be considered jewelry) and even a lovely romance (between a serial killing cancer patient and his drug addicted victim). all in all i would say that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

actually, come to think of it, john and i spent our halloween watching saw ii also, so maybe we should just plan on watching it for every holiday. YES!!! i finally have ash wednesday plans.

if you haven't seen the saw movies, they are both out on dvd now so what are you waiting for? john and i actually just discovered them in october. i had never heard of saw before but i saw a trailer for the sequel and so i went out and rented it. i was really surprised at how good it was. i mean it wasn't just gory either; it was actually kind of clever.

the first movie takes place almost entirely in a dungeon where two guys have been locked up by an anonymous serial killer. the shtick is that he chooses victims who he feels do not understand the value of their own lives and then makes them sacrifice in order to keep on living. and i am not talking sacrifice like give up reeses peanut butter cups for lent. it is more like 'if you want to live enough to cut out your own eyes i will not kill you.' FUN!

the second movie is slightly less clever, but still really good. the killer is back and has chosen a cop played by donnie wahlberg to be his victim. he locks his son up in a dungeon with a bunch of convicts and they only have two hours to live before they die from some nerve gas he is exposing them to.

and the scary plush monster? (we call him 'swirly cheeks') he is just comic relief. . . well for us anyway, but we are effing twisted.

i really like b horror movies, but since they are kind of the 'in' thing right now, i guess it is hard to pick out the good ones. i think the saw movies are the most clever horror movies done since urban legend. they are really sick though, so if you aren't into horror movies you would probably spend most of your time with a pillow in front of your face. (there is one scene in the sequel i actually have to leave the room when it comes on).

so if you are looking for a romantic-snuggle-up-with-your-boyfriend-and-a-puppy-make-some-slice-and-bakes-and-drink-some-merlot-kind-of-movie, saw is definitely the way to go. but, again, you should note that this applies mainly to me and i am effing twisted:)
Did you guys see Sean of the Dead?

i admit it was not at all enthused to watch it but it was actually completly awesom! the main character is sort of a douche and the love interest is crap [there was another FAR more suited lady for him in the flim] but all in all it was pretty hillarious throughout. A very good horror parody if I say so and i am not a huge fan of parody films. I am not a huge fan of horror films period but it was pretty damn good......far better than that stupid Audition which is supposedly the 4th scarriest movie of all time....it was just annoying....perhaps the 4th annoyingist movie of all time.
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