30 April 2006
  five reasons i love dame judi dench
1. she's the only reason i will probably see casino royale, the next james bond movie, now that pierce brosnan is history. i mean, not that i am a huge james bond fan or anything, but she is pretty sweet as bond's fuckin hardass boss M. i especially love the part in die another day when, after basically putting a hit out on pierce brosnan only to find out he was innocent, she only halfheartedly apologizes, sort of blaming everything on him. it is like she is almost too self-important to apologize to anyone. so cool.

2. she won an academy award for like 10 minutes of work. she is the only woman whose 10 minute performance could outshine others who act for hours. don't get me wrong shakespeare in love is one of the most sucktastic movies ever to win an award (ever). and it isn't like her role as queen elizabeth even closely compares to the best work she has done. but you have to give her props for winning for the shortest performance in oscar history.

3. the episode of the simpsons when they all go to london and homer goes through the drive thru at dame judi dench's fish and chips. (gawd that is effing funny). homer and the family drive up to the restaurant and he has to yell into judi dench's mouth. the guy taking the order tells him that if he doesn't order miss dench will hit him and then you hear the dame in the background getting angry. if there was a judi dench's fish and chips in tucson i would have to stop being vegetarian.

4. her sense of comedy. first of all there is the hilarious bbc series that she stars in. it is definitely hard to pass up at 2 in the morning when you are flipping past pbs. but frankly, it is the combination of her incredibly spartan demeanor with deliberately silly dialogue that makes me smile. i love in mrs. henderson presents when she is talking about the women in her stage show and their body hair. nobody has ever made the word pudenda more fun.

5. one word. dame. how much fun is it calling her "dame" judi dench. the answer? a lot.
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