12 June 2006
  the best of madonna on film
if you love madonna and you love movies here are your five best bets:

5. a league of their own. . . i love this movie, and the best thing about it is madonna. this is probably the most mainstream of the material girl's flicks. it is about the beginnings of the all american professional girl's baseball league. madonna plays (surprise surprise) the slutty one on the team, mae. my favorite part in the movie is when the women go to this roadhouse called the suds bucket and madonna does this great swing dance with some of the guys at the bar. madonna also wrote a great song for the credits, "this used to be my playground." it's sort of ironic that in a movie where madge is only a supporting character, a movie starring oscar-winners tom hanks and geena davis, madonna still manages to steal the show.

4. at close range. . . madonna isn't actually in this movie, but she wrote one of her best songs for the soundtrack, "live to tell." actually, a lot of her best songs were written for movie soundtracks. "who's that girl" was written for the titular film. "i'll remember" was written for with honors. "hanky panky" was written for dick tracy. i think "live to tell" is one of her best movie themesongs. she resurrected it recently for her confessions tour. it is the notorious ballad she sings while crucified on a disco-cross. at close range is a decent movie starring her then husband sean penn as a member of a ny gang led by his father. but even if you don't like the movie it is worth sitting through to hear madonna's killer ballad.

3. die another day. . . speaking of her work on movie soundtracks, one of my favorite madonna songs of all time was the titular track written for the latest installment of the james bond franchise. i think she did a great job combining her own musical stylings with the movie's theme itself. she made a great music video for the song also, playing a james bond-ish heroine being tortured by asian militants. the good thing about die another day is that madonna didn't just write the themesong to the film, but she also has a small cameo in the film as a fencing instructor to the evil diamond thief gustav graves. i think she is really good in this small role. never before has fencing ever looked so sexy on screen.

2. truth or dare. . . absolutely my favorite documentary of all time. this movie is like the holy grail for any true fan of her madgesty. it was filmed during her blonde ambition tour, and is probably the only madonna film that has received pretty much unanimous critical praise. it includes two scenes that are as much a part of pop history as any other film scenes of the 90s. in one, a group of celebrities decends backstage after one of her concerts, including kevin costner who calls her show "neat." in the other, she is being treated by a doctor for a throat problem, when her then boyfriend warren beatty remarks, "she doesn't want to LIVE off camera." this line has sort of become a credo of her career. but my favorite part is in the end of the film when she and her dancers are playing truth or dare and she is dared to perform oral sex on a beer bottle. i love how candid she is in this movie. it is part of the reason why her fans feel like they know her so well.

1. evita. . . yes, the girl can act (and sing). anyone who has criticized madonna as without talent should be strapped down and made to watch this masterpiece. it is one of my favorite films of all time and, i think, the best movie ever made about politics. madge is in almost every scene in the entire film, sings almost the entire soundtrack and dances brilliantly throughout. as far as musicals go, the role of eva peron has to be one of the most taxing to perform. and she won the golden globe award for best actress doing so. i think my favorite song in the movie is maybe "you must love me." i love the tango she does with antonio banderas on the big tiled dancefloor as she is dying. this movie is one of the things that made me really fall in love with madge. i can watch it over and over again.
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