01 June 2006
  i [heart] paul bettany.

and always have. the code just made me love him a little more. and even though his skin is sort of falling off, he is sweaty and dirty, blood is covering most of his body, and he's a murderous albino monk, i still loved watching his naked ass. and if i were into s&m. . . well, nevermind.

bettany is not the best thing in the da vinci code. that would be ian mckellan. but he is still the sexiest thing in it. i don't know what it is about him, but he is just fun to watch. and it's not just because he's british. i love really great movie villains, like gina gershon in showgirls, sharon stone in basic instinct and tilda swinton in tltw&tw. i think i am twisted because i almost always cheer on the bad guys. and i definitely cheered on bettany as the diabolic silas in the code. he is just so damned evil. in the scene on the plane where he keeps reciting "i am a messenger of God" to audrey tatou a part of me wants to slap the hell out of him. but a much larger part of me wants to rip off his robe and share my own personal message with him.

i think i first discovered paul bettany in my favorite lars von trier movie dogville. he plays this creepy pseudo-writer living in the mountains in colorado. nicole kidman stumbles into the city and paul bettany makes it his personal goal to take care of her. he is so immensely scary in this movie that you can't help but wonder who is this man? i mean it is really really hard to take my attention away from kidman in any movie that she is in, and he managed to do it. very unlikely. if you like paul bettany you have to watch this movie, because it is probably the best work he has ever done.

but i also really enjoy him in his much different role in master and commander. he plays this british naval doctor on a ship piloted by russell crowe, but he is also really into scientific exploration. when the ship lands in the galapagos islands there is this heartbreaking moment when bettany doesn't have any time to collect species for his collection. but his best scene in the movie has to be him performing surgery on himself after he gets shot. he has more intensity than just about any other actor working today. and it is weird how he can play basically any age between late 20s and early 40s and get away with it. how many actors can pass for either a brilliant scientest or dopey romantic sidekick with no problems?

paul bettany definitely hasn't gotten the respect he deserves as an actor yet. it is kinda sad that the code got such bad reviews, cause many (including me) were expecting this to be his year come oscar season. but i can't wait to see what other movies he is working on. i think it is just a matter of time til he has his breakout year like jude law did in 04.

and p.s. am i a ridiculous person for not knowing that he is married to jennifer connelly until reading his imdb profile last week? i don't know which one of them is luckier.
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