06 June 2006

so this is a pretty big week for madonna for a couple of reasons. first of all her new documentary i'm going to tell you a secret is coming out on dvd tomorrow. and secondly she is finally performing live. . . for me!

after the many debacles leading to my non-attendance of her reinvention tour two years ago, i am definitely keeping my fingers crossed regarding this one. but if everything goes as planned it will be me and her madgesty in phoenix this thursday night when the confessions tour comes to town. *hurrah*

as most everyone knows there aren't too many people in the world that i love more than the material girl. i think the list would include my mom, rachael ray and maybe john (maybe). i am extra excited that the year i finally get to see her perform live is the year she is promoting her confessions album, which is probably the best cd to come out in a decade as far as i am concerned.

i love madonna for a lot of reasons. i think what makes her special for me is that she is talented in so many different media. she is a great singer, songwriter, dancer and-- despite her bad reputation-- actress. honestly, i really challenge anyone to argue that her reputation as an untalented on-screen performer isn't the product of overzealous, biased critics. in fact i count her among my favorite actresses. i think she has given lots of great performances.

there are tons of actors that have gotten bad reputations only to surprise the critics with an out of the blue great performance. cher won an oscar for moonstruck after being reviled as a variety show costar. jamie foxx just won a couple years ago for playing ray charles, somehow convincing academy members to forget in living color. and everyone is predicting beyonce knowles (yes beyonce knowles) will win best actress this year for the upcoming musical dreamgirls. but when madonna outperforms herself (especially like she did in evita) everyone continues to denegrate her. over and over again, people continue to want madonna to fail. this is why her constant successes are so satisfying to her fans.

note this: madonna's blonde ambition, girlie show, drowned world, reinvention and confessions tours have NOT ONLY sold out pretty much in every venue, but have been critically lauded as theatrical events, rather than simple musical performances. her music videos are almost always judged among the best ever made, and she is the only singer i know who has been able to successfully market dvd/vhs copies of her music videos as films in and of themselves. so if, in the musical world, she is constantly lauded not for her voice and not for her songs but rather for her performance capabilities, why is it so out of the question that she could perform well on the big screen as well?

the point is that she has performed well and her movies provide the best argument for why film viewers should judge movies for themselves and not always listen to the critics who undoubtably have their own agenda.
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