27 August 2006
  mr. luke goes to washington

<<< me, now.

there aren't too many things i enjoy about living in washington d.c. i keep trying to think of things that will make me feel better about living here. so far the list is very short: there is a mexican grocery story about 10 miles away from the apartment that makes fresh corn tortillas. the fire station is pretty close by in case we have an emergency. and, potentially benefitting and therefore most relevant to this blog, d.c. is a "select city!" so if john ever has a day off work someday and we maybe ever had the opportunity to do so, we could watch independent movies weeks before the rest of the country. score.

but i haven't yet had the opportunity to take advantage of that amenity. in fact i haven't really watched any movies for the past month, which is so unlike me. but i will be getting back in the saddle soon and will surely have tons more posts coming. now that summer is over there will be lots of movies that everyone should go see. idlewild, the outkast musical, was released this weekend. the black dahlia is being released on september 15. the new gael movie the science of sleep comes out on september 22. and, if i make it to october, i have lots of great horror flicks to look forward to including the prequel to the texas chainsaw massacre and saw 3!!!

i am also looking forward to revisiting some of my favorite movies of the summer, including a few i have barely written about. i can't wait to neglect my course work in favor of studying, instead, the intricacies of (my personal favorite subject) the da vinci code. i also have posts to write about the devil wears prada, an inconvenient truth, strangers with candy, pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest and i'm going to tell you a secret.

in short, the blog has returned. and if i keep working on it, maybe eventually someone will read it. that would be cool:)
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