21 September 2006
  summer in review: i'm going to tell you a secret

and so ends another madonna summer. today in tokyo madonna confessed for last time, ending both one of the most popular tours of all time and also an entire summer of worldwide madonna-mania. the confessions tour was the most profitable tour by a female artist ever, netting over 193 million dollars. but the tour was just one part of the 2006 summer of madonna. there was the h&m campaign, the re-invention tour cd release and also the official release of her newest documentary i'm going to tell you a secret in june.

for those who love the happy-go-lucky, coke bottle fellating material girl of the early 90s and lament her recent kaballah/motherhood-induced departure, igttyas is definitely. . . not going to satisfy that sense of loss. this is talmud-toting, bush-bashing, family gal madge at her best. but gosh people give her a chance. people grow up you know. and the surprising thing about this documentary is that, even though we might not want our queen to be such a serious susy, when she actually has something of import to say, it is legitimately worth listening to.

igttyas exposes a side of madonna that most of her fans have probably never seen before. you see her taking care of her kids, doting on & fighting with her hubby, guy, speaking about peace at a rally in israel, talking frankly and adlib about her faith and at times reminiscing about the arc of her career and how it brought her to the current moment. it is surprisingly deep and insightful and, perhaps unlike truth or dare, you leave it in a really contemplative state, thinking about the film's messages.

that isn't to say that the film is without its lighter moments. it's hard to believe that a documentary which begins with a six minute recitation from the book of revelations about how we are all going to hell can, in the end, really make you laugh. this is especially true about the parts of igttyas where her son rocco takes the stage. he is pretty adorable, incredibly outgoing and maybe a little in need of adderal (like his dad maybe?) you can total imagine him pursuing a career in entertainment like his mom. as for her daughter lola, she is super-precocious, and one imagines her as a future power player in some respect.

maybe the best thing about this film, though, is the music of the re-invention tour itself. this is tour documentary and not a recording of the tour itself, so it mostly just includes highlights of a selection of numbers from the tour. these songs almost exclusively come out of madge's low-rated american life album. i enjoy the album, but don't think it is by any means madonna's best. still, after seeing her perform these songs in the context of igttyas, i definitely had a newfound appreciation of them.

anyone reviewing this film is inevitably faced with rating it against its predecessor truth or dare. but in a lot of ways, these are two entirely different movies that appear as apples and oranges. in any case both films stand among madonna's on-screen highlights.
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