20 October 2006
  going back to the movies
so if anyone read my posts, they would realize that there haven't been very many of them lately. and it isn't because i haven't had time really. yeah yeah there is the whole phd thing, but i spend at least an hour every day at school playing frogger on my cell phone. the real reason i haven't written anything lately is because i havent been to the movies in over two months.

in tucson i used to go to the movies at least once or twice a week. it has definitely been my favorite pasttime over the past couple years, hence the creation of this blog. when i was working on my master's at the u of a, i always looked forward to having spare time to go to the catalina theater and relax. and whenever john and i had time off together we almost always spent it at the movies.

so i think being in d.c., going to the movies is one of the things i miss most about tucson. here it is really difficult to get around. and john works late every night. so we can't go to the movies together and i have no way to get there by myself. and this really sucks because there are so many movies i want to see. and also because i feel a little bit like the woman in charlotte perkins gilman's "the yellow wallpaper," who goes insane after she never leaves the tiny room she lives in.

but tonight, if all goes well, i have convinced john to take me to the movies when he gets home tonight. *yea* the re-release of nightmare before christmas (in 3-d) is out today in d.c., and we are gonna go see it. so maybe this will be the beginning of me going back to the movies. i hope so. cause i could really use a pasttime other than frogger or marxism.
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