08 November 2006
  saw iii

i'd like to play a game. it involves sitting down in front of a movie screen and watching people get torn to shreds in a variety of amusing ways while a scary swirly-cheeked puppet on a tricycle watches on, laughing maniacally. there will be more blood than you have ever been a party to on film before. there will be more mindless evil than you probably need to be a party to. and there will be a pool of liquified rotten pig remains in which someone may drown. (oh yeah, and it will be sweet.)

this pretty much sums saw iii up in a demonic little blood-soaked nutshell. and if you are a diehard fan of the original two films (like john and i) you will not be disappointed. i don't think it was the best film in the trilogy (that distinction is still held by the original in my book) but it is a worthy successor.

whereas in the sequel last year, the filmmakers really doubled up on the death, subjecting a whole house full of people to jigsaw's games, the most recent installment strives to replicate the sheer cleverness of the original. in a lot of ways, i think it succeeded in this. unlike most slasher flicks, i was legitimately surprised when this one ended. i think it is hard to keep fresh in such an oversaturated film genre, especially in the third flick in a series, but it surprisingly accomplished it. i would say that saw iii is probably the best horror movie i have seen since the original.

okay, the story: as we know from the first two saw films, jigsaw is dying of cancer. he is being cared for by his evil protege (as revealed last year in saw ii) amanda. in this flick, jigsaw has randomly (?) kidnapped a doctor upon whom he has detached a collar that will shoot about a dozen bullets into her neck the minute his heartrate flatlines. hence, she has to keep him alive. in the meantime, he is putting another dude through a series of "games" to help him get over the recent death of his son. if the man survives the test and jigsaw is still alive, he promises to let the doctor go.

the plot of this movie is actually a lot more captivating than in saw ii, and i think i was more interested in the story going on than in the copious bloodshed. (i mean, last year who could even concentrate on the story when shawnee smith was going scuba diving in a bathtub full of used hypodermic needles). this isn't to say, however, that jigsaw's games aren't pretty cool this time around. my personal fave, i think involved a woman hung naked in a deep freezer while she is sprayed with cold water. (erg i still cringe thinking about that).

halloween is over, but for some reason i still cant get out of my slasher flick-philia i have been in lately. writing about this movie (which i saw when it opened a week and a half ago) makes me wanna go see it again. who will join me? it's definitely too creepy to watch alone.
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