18 February 2007
  it's oscar week y'all
i really like movies. going to the movies is probably my fave pasttime. i do it at least a couple times a week usually. but, at the same time, i only like good movies. it is very difficult for me to sit through a 90 minute movie in which ben stiller and jack black fight ninja robots while their girlfriends try to teach them a valuable lesson about sex and love by exchanging their lubricant with chili oil or some crap like that. and seeing as how, nine out of ten movies that are released in any given year fall under this general genre, sometimes it is hard to find good movies to go see.

i have really been enjoying going to the movies over the past two or three months, because there have been so many things in the theaters that i really wanted to see. actually, there were at least 5 or 6 movies this winter that i have been dying to go see that i just couldn't find time to get out for (e.g. marie antoinette, science of sleep, for your consideration, shortbus, the last king of scotland, running with scissors, flags of our fathers). but i have managed to get out and see probably a couple dozen movies this winter, and i really haven't had a bad time yet. 2006 in general, i think was just a great year at the movies.

anyways, this is why oscar week is a little bit bittersweet for me this year. on one hand, i am looking forward to this upcoming weekend. john and i are going to the amc oscar movies marathon all day on saturday which i am sure will be super fun. and i am excited to watch the ceremony on sunday. but this week also marks the end of good movies and the beginning of the spring (and then *shudder* summer movie seasons) when i will once again have to scour moviefone to find something at least not totally reprehensible to go catch at the theater. oh well, at least i have all the oscar-nominated movie dvds that have started coming out over the past couple weeks. (and, of course, showgirls).

in any case, i am looking forward to writing posts this week on the oscar nominees, my top 10 list for this year, and more reviews of nominated films and stuff. so keep reading and let me know what you liked this year too.
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