25 August 2007
  live blogging high school musical

okay, so it's the end of the summer and i was thinking that this should also be the end of my blog summer hiatus. i have quite a few movies from the summer that i want to review, and there are a lot of things coming out this fall that i am looking forward to writing about. i think that this year i am going to change things up a little bit and write more about new and upcoming movies and less about all the old movies john and i love.

anyways, in honor of my return to blogging and in honor of monday being back to school day para mi, i decided to do something i have been putting off for a couple weeks now: i am finally going to watch high school musical.

if there is one lasting memorable contribution of 2007's summer movies, it has got to be the hotness that is zac efron. i have been putting off watching hsm for a a long time, but after discovering my new bf zac, i decided it was finally time to stop pretending i am too mature to enjoy it. plus, as everyone knows, this past week hsm2 premiered, so i tivoed both films and i am thinking that tonight is the night.

okay, here goes. . .

25 august 2007
9:14 pm- i can't believe i am watching something on the disney channel. i dont think i have watched this channel since i was like in the 12th grade and i used to watch bug juice. (remember that?) i hate corporations.

9:17 pm- troy is doing karaoke and he says he can't sing, but SURPRISE he can. he reminds me of a hot clay aiken, but like in a good way.

9:31 pm- i think this musical might have been choreographed by janet jackson circa 1989.

9:32 pm- is the guy with the weird hat supposed to be gay?

9:38 pm- isn't troy a little short to get a scholarship to play college basketball? i hope he quits this stupid team and goes to sing with gabriella instead.

9:43 pm- jesus christ i hope ms. darbus gets hit by a bus or something. what an unholy bitch. i think troy and gabriella should go put on an alternate musical so they don't have to be involved with this woman.

9:45 pm- remember that episode of saved by the bell where they have to do a performance and they make up the rap musical version of snow white but then at the last minute kelly and jesse get into a big fight? that was a good one.

9:47 pm- sharpay and ryan are so cruel intentions. i love it.

9:54 pm- yeah ryan is definitely gay.

9:56 pm- omigosh this "stick to the status quo" song is totally adorable. definitely my favorite so far. it reminds me of something from "you're a good man charlie brown."

10:03 pm- i am starting to get very worried. i have a feeling a plan is under foot to tear troy and gabriella apart. i hope they get to sing together.

10:09 pm- "you're not just a guy troy, you're the team leader" *sticks finger down throat*

10:14 pm- chad is so effing cute. i really don't want to hate him. i think he really does have troy's best interests at heart. i hope he eventually learns a valuable lesson and troy forgives him erotically.

10:17 pm- oh nooooo troy. how could you say something so heartless about gabriella?!? i am so disappointed in you. you need to start thinking for yourself and stop letting those jocks control your life. then maybe you can get her to forgive you.

10:20 pm- jesus, this "when there was me and you" song is fucking terrible. the girl who plays gabriella really doesn't sing very well, and she can't support an entire song by herself without zac efron. plus, this song is just whiney and annoying anyway. she needs to stick to duets. p.s. she also kinda sucks as an actress. how did she get this part anyway? the girl that plays taylor should have had her part.

10:29 pm- how come there are a dozen lockerroom scenes in this movie with shirtless boys and none of them include zac efron. i guess there is always high school musical 2. (they better start giving the audience what it wants)

10:35 pm- oh i spoke too soon. *lick*

10:36 pm- i really like kelsi. i hope she has a bigger part in hsm2.

10:37 pm- i also really like everything ryan wears (except for the stupid hats). i think he should have his own clothing like at h&m. i really like the black print shirt he is wearing at his callback audition.

10:43 pm- oh hurrah! everyone loves troy and gabriella. i wish i went to this high school.

10:47 pm- zac efron is truly the undisputed master of the smoldering stare, dethroning the once great luke perry.

10:48 pm- the wildcats won the championship. yippee. who really gives a fuck. wow everything just got tied up really neatly and REALLY quickly

10:49 pm- wtf?!? sharpay is nice now? um, okay.

10:50 pm- okay, so it's over. with the exception of the way-too-quick-obviously-made for-tv ending i thoroughly enjoyed it. one of the cutest movies i have seen in a while. without a doubt they will be showing this at christian lock-ins for decades to come.
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