24 February 2008
  some final reflections before the big game
so john and i once again survived the best picture showcase in woodbridge yesterday--all five nominated films in 12 hours. i had already seen all the movies, but i actually enjoyed watching them again. with the exception of juno i think i really enjoyed all the movies more the second time around. (still, i managed to discover about 30 more things to hate about juno). john's fave is still there will be blood, but i think i'll be rooting for atonement tonight, even though it doesn't have a whore's prayer in heaven of winning anything but best score. in any case, as the clock winds down, here are so final reflections on this year's nominated flicks.

1. it's official. "i'll drink your milkshake" has definitely ascended to the throne as this year's most memorable movie line, taking the place of last year's most notable quote from the most quotably movie, dame judi dench's "you are NOT young." still, michael clayton's "i am shiva the god of war" comes in a close second.

2. nothing would make me happier tonight than to see marion cotillard surprise julie christie and walk away with the vesr actress oscar. just because she speaks french, doesn't mean she is a bad person. honest.

3. actually, what would really make me happy tonight would be to see persepolis take the best animated movie award away from ratatouille, but we all know that there is NO fucking way that is going to happen, so i don't even dare to dream.

4. the worst movie this year was without a doubt the unintentionally funny gone baby gone. it is so awful beyond words. i am really glad it got largely ignored (except for the not too terrible amy ryan). still i am hoping she doesn't win if only because i fear an academy award will urge these people to make more movies, and they shouldn't. really they shouldn't. as a matter of fact, i wouldn't normally do this, but just in case you ever have the urge to watch this movie. . . morgan freeman stole the baby. there. i saved you two hours of your life.

5. still, i think i'd rather watch gone baby gone again then away from her. even though gone baby gone sucks, at least it is fun to laugh at. on the other hand, away from her could not be more boring if it tried. sorry sarah polley, but there is almost know way you are going to get me to watch another one of your movies, unless i am really in need of a nap.

6. i can't really pick out any single worst performance of the year, but it is easy to point out the worst casting: casey affleck is 32 years old. the coward robert ford is 19. sorry casey, i don't know what people are telling you, but you sure as fuck can't pass for 19. i don't understand why the people who cast this movie couldn't find an actor who was at least within a decade of the age of the character he was playing. (okay, granted he isn't that bad in the role, but you just kind of have to tell yourself he's playing a 30 year old. otherwise, you will be scratching your head all the way).

7. although marion cotillard definitely gave the best performance of the year, there were quite a few actors who gave really good performances in multiple movies. it seems like this is more the case this year than in past years i can remember. cate blanchett, obviously in the golden age and i'm not there. josh brolin in in the valley of elah, american gangster and no country. tommy lee jones in in the valley of elah and no country. michelle pfeiffer in hairspray and stardust. johnny depp in at world's end and sweeney todd. christian bale in 3:10 to yuma, recue dawn and i'm not there. but for me, the best all around performer of the year was russell crowe. i think that both of his performances in 3:10 to yuma and american gangster should have been nominated for oscars.

8. i really hope that guy who directs the oscars lays off the montages tonight although i imagine there is a fat chance of that happening.

alright, that's it for now. gotta go make our oscar watching dinner. guess what we're having for dessert. . .
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