24 January 2011
  oscar nominations tomorrow

i'm torn. on the one hand, i can't remember another year that yielded as many fantastic films and unforgettable performances as this one. it's almost impossible to narrow down this year's best actress and best supporting actress categories down to five. and there are definitely films that i loved this year that won't make it in my top ten. the past few years at the movies have been a little bit underwhelming i feel, so i am thankful that this year has been such a good one.

unfortunately, none of the year's work that i most admire will win academy awards. that may not be entirely true, but the awards circuit this year has been absolutely dominated by two films that i CAN'T STAND made by two filmmakers that i REVILE. this more or less happens to me with at least one or two films every year, but this year i feel even more irritated by the love being shown to inception and the social network when there is so much better filmmaking being done elsewhere that isn't going to be rewarded at all (or perhaps only meagerly).

that being said, my intuition is telling me that there are still some surprises to look forward to when the academy award nominations are announced. of course i think that the films and performances that are going to be nominated are largely those being predicted right now, but i also think there are absolutely going to be at least one or two major surprises, especially in the best picture category.

what's/who's getting nominations?

*winter's bone for best picture* i think it's absolutely ludicrous that people are saying this film will be #11. i don't know what films are missing out in this category, but i think winter's bone is definitely IN.

*shutter island for best picture* i am going out on a limb with this one, but something tells me that if there is a major surprise to be had tomorrow morning, this is going to be it.

*hailee steinfeld for best actress* yes, she has gotten a lot of attention as a supporting actress, but this category fraud is clear to all, and i expect her to actually be nominated in the actress category a la kate winslet.

*julianne moore for best actress* i say she makes it in along with bening

*pete postlethwaite for best supporting actor* okay, this probably isn't going to happen, but it might, and it would be deserved.

what's/who's not?

*true grit, across the board* i say it gets a single major nomination for best actress and is shut out everywhere else. i also predict luke screams at the television and maybe throws something.

*127 hours for best picture* it's a blah movie and i don't see it getting a lot of number one votes.

*ryan gosling and michelle williams* their performances are maybe too good for the oscars. i say they both get snubbed and neither one really gives a damn. because, in my head, they're cool like that.

*rabbit hole, across the board, including nicole kidman* the academy, like the entire entertainment industry, has had it out for nicole kidman in recent years, and i don't know that they are ready to bring her back to the party yet.

what would make me happy?

1. please, dear gawd, absolutely under no circumstances should any positive attention be shown to mike leigh's entirely and undeniably abysmal another year. this includes the laughably overwrought performance of lesley manville.

2. jacki weaver gets nominated as best supporting actress for animal kingdom. there are so many excellent elements in this film, and i would really be ecstatic if it garnered an inexplicable original screenplay nod, but since i think best supporting actress is the only place animal kingdom is likely to get noticed, i would be satisfied with that.

3. barbara hershey gets nominated for best supporting actress instead of mila kunis. i have nothing against kunis' performance, but hershey is better.

4. the coen brothers take one of the director slots (away from IDEALLY christopher nolan but more REALISTICALLY, david o russell). this isn't happening, but i would like it.

5. no nominations for jeremy renner (best supporting actor) or the town (best picture). a mediocre performance in a mediocre film that absolutely pales in comparison to the similarly themed animal kingdom
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