30 January 2011
  tom hooper wins dga
it wasn't quite as much of a surprise as it could have been that tom hooper took home the dga award this weekend, considering the king's speech had just won the pga award a week previous. a lot of bloggers were predicting this, and it was seeming an increasing possibility to me as well. i have to say that i think the king's speech is without a doubt one of the most brilliantly directed movies of the year. every movement in this film is so carefully planned out, and the performances are clearly led by an artful guiding hand. so i am more than pleased that hooper and this film have gotten some attention from the guilds.

still, in the long run, it doesn't matter.

over at awards daily they followed up the dga announcement with the headline "the king's speech set to sweep oscars." oscar bloggers and critics pretty much all over the internet have switched their best picture frontrunner to the king's speech. i'm not sure, but i think there may be two reasons for this (neither of which has to do with the king's speech legitimately gaining the upper hand in the race):

1. (less likely) critics have actually been momentarily blinded by the few accolades handed to the king's speech into forgetting the DOZENS of awards and top rankings that the social network has received.

2. (more likely) critics are freaking bored with the social network awards season sweep and are trying to stir up drama where there is none. by the same token, there may be a few diehard social network supporters out there that are trying to make it seem like this film really NEEDS votes from the academy members, thus eschewing the faint possibility that the film loses best picture by accident.

let's face it, nothing is stopping the social network. this despite the undeniable fact (which nobody seems to want to stop and acknowledge, even though i am sure there are many many others who would agree) that this movie really isn't that good. yes, we'd all like to see this oscar season be a little more interesting. but face it guys, it just isn't happening.
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