17 February 2011
  2010: a groundbreaking year for oral sex on film

i remember a time when those seeking out a good oral sex scene really had to go out of their way to sift through some of the indy-er, more esoteric work out there like john cameron mitchell's shortbus and vincent gallo's the brown bunny. and, even then, the sex depicted almost always focused on the servicing of the male genitalia. in 2010, this all changed. for the first time in film history, afficionados of cinematic mouth love, and in particular sex acts of the cunnilingual variety, have had a veritable slate of movies to choose from.

strangely enough, having watched a collection of memorable oral sex scenes throughout the year, i hadn't put it together that this subcategory of genital stimulation has actually been a prominent 2010 film theme until just a few days ago while watching dogtooth, the greek nominee in the best foreign language film category. in a lot of ways the act of oral sex is the central metaphor in this allegory about protecting our children's innocence in the face of a too-rapidly maturating society. the basic message of this film is that in protecting ourselves from perceived societal dangers, we run the risk of creating socially unviable adults. in dogtooth, this message is ultimately conveyed by the siblings' inability to properly eat vagina. the father of the family introduces christina, an outsider, to the household, with the intention that she will sexually satisfy his son. unfortunately for everyone, it becomes apparent that the son is so cloistered that he really has a complete inability to find enjoyment in sex. when he simply refuses to orally pleasure christina, she tricks his younger sister into eating her out instead. however, she also finds the act more or less incomprehensible and, later, when trying to replicate the act with others, manages to put her tongue everywhere BUT on another person's genitals. the point of all of this: if you totally isolate a person from discussion and practice of sexuality from birth, you are left with an individual that can't properly experience sexual pleasure later in life and, especially unfortunate for christina, can't get another person off with their mouth whether they want to or not.

of course even though dogtooth may represent the most studious effort by a filmmaker this year to plumb the social significance of cunnilingus it is far from the most renowned. that honor obviously goes to darren aronofsky for the slurp-tastic ecstasy-fueled meeting of natalie portman and mila kunis. this is probably one of the most talked about movie scenes of 2010, and many probably sought out the film solely due to word of mouth surrounding the hot lesbian xxx action. but in the long run, i think a lot of people really missed the point of the scene. on the one hand, there are those that were simply titillated by seeing mila kunis snout deep in snatch. on the other hand, there are those that see the scene as aronofsky's juxtaposition of sexuality and creative thrust. however, i think both of these schools of thought are missing the educational content of the scene. i can't imagine that anyone watching this movie didn't learn a thing of two about orally pleasing a woman from watching mila kunis' studied work in this field. for one thing, there's a whole lot more lip smacking involved in good pussy eating than i would have imagined. who knew?

when it comes to the recent groundbreaking efforts of filmmakers and actors alike to bring lesbian cunnilingus in all its glory to the silver screen, you'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated artiste than julianne moore. moore appeared in not one but two films in 2010 which featured same sex vaginal spelunking. in the more popular of the two, the oscar-nominated the kids are all right, moore represents the tongue in the equation, orally pleasing annette bening while the two enjoy some good old fashioned man porn. however, being the dedicated actor that julianne moore is, she simply wasn't satisfied stopping at a single act of cinematic oral love. she simply had to show that she also had the ability to believably receive the favor as well. hence her participation in chloe, where she gets brought to orgasm by the lovely lips of a lovely psychotic prostitute played by amanda seyfried. it's really hard to say which of these two performances that i enjoyed more, but i for one am simply happy that julianne moore chose to dedicate her talent to a righteous cause.

still, not all of the oral sex seen at multiplexes this year involved multiple women. there was at least one well done male-on-female vag licking scene as executed by ryan gosling and michelle williams in blue valentine. the scene where gosling works on williams in the futuristic blue hotel room was perhaps the most controversial oral sex scene filmed this year, seeing as it almost netted the film a bizarrely unjustified nc-17 rating. the rating would have been bizarrely unjustified simply because the scene was so agonizingly banal compared to the above-cited scenes of lesbian cunnlingus. gosling's drunken efforts to pleasure williams with his mouth were so awkward, unsexy and uninformed, he left me wanting to show him kunis' scene in black swan. maybe he would have taken away some helpful pointers. needless to say, in a year like 2010, one simply full of movies about oral pleasure, after watching blue valentine, and no matter how much you like ryan gosling, you gotta think that you are much better off being eaten out by a woman.
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