05 March 2011
  king's speech wins in worst oscars ever

alright, alright, so i was wrong.

up until the very last moment, i thought the social network was a lock. even when tom hooper won best director, i thought there was going to be an unexpected director/picture split. seeing the king's speech win best picture was a good oscar moment, not because i thought it was the best film of the year, but because it beat out an overrated competitor that most certainly wasn't even close. that being said, this nice oscar moment emerged out of the inky abyss that was the worst. oscars. ever.

what an absolute debacle. first of all we have two hosts that, despite their various talents, just shouldn't have been on that stage. james franco couldn't have seemed any more bored and unprepared. honestly, there is absolutely no excuse for the way he kept looking up at the ceiling, seemingly to say- gawd i can't believe i'm doing this and i apologize. if he were embarrassed by the material with which he was presented, then he should have said HEY i'm not doing this crap- i'll write something better. instead he seemed to show up at the last minute without any preparation whatsoever and without any intention of putting an ounce of effort into the event. i was embarrassed for him, but not because of the awful material that was written for him. rather, i was embarrassed that he agreed to work with the material at all.

on the other hand, we have anne hathaway, who clearly could have used a few of franco's slacker pills. she just seemed like she was trying way too hard. once again, you can't necessarily blame her for giving her all towards delivering absolutely dreadful material. however, i think people have generally been way too kind to her. SHE NEVER SHOULD HAVE AGREED TO DO THIS CRAP MATERIAL TO BEGIN WITH. i think it shows a lack of integrity on the part of both of these performers that they didn't stop this sinking ship before the water crested the fifth bulkhead. plus, someone needs to tell hathaway that even if people only watched the oscars for the fashion, watching her change outfits seven times is not entertainment. give it up.

still, clearly one can not place all of the blame for this year's oscar disaster on the shoulders of its two misguided-if-hopefully-well-intentioned hosts. every year i find the academy awards ceremony to be one of the worst produced, directed and written shows on television. this year was no exception. i absolutely HATED almost every aspect of this year's ceremony. from the dreadful best song performances to the completely bizarre presentation of the best picture contenders i was really dumbfounded by how horrible they managed to make this show. it's almost as if they were endeavoring to suck any ounce of potential entertainment out of three hours of tv. at least last year there were glimmers of satisfactory entertainment (thanks largely to hosts steve martin and alec baldwin) but this year it is really impossible to choose a single thing that didn't completely suck.

the oscars are never going to be watchable television (let's face it) but please dear gawd someone has to show these people a tape of the sag or bafta awards. it is possible to film a ceremony honoring the best of a year at the movies without it being a complete embarrassment. the best tip i think i could give: next year, try spending a little less money and putting a little more thought into the reason for the show- publicizing and getting some support for well done film.

that's all i'm gonna say about it. now, on to 2011.
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